In 2018 we bought a condo on South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island overlooking Skull Creek which is part of the Intracoastal Waterway and Skull Creek Marina.  After a long and complicated renovation it became habitable in September 2020.  I had GANNET trucked east that same month from San Diego where she had been docked since the completion of her circumnavigation in 2019.  She is in a slip about 500’ from our condo.  I can see her mast from our windows.  I now spend most of my land time here. 

We are on the top floor of a three story building.  This place is about the view.  I glance up dozens, perhaps hundreds of time a day, never tiring of the Live Oaks and Spanish Moss almost in reach from our deck and the changing light and tides on Skull Creek.

I like living with a minimum between me and the natural world.  A boat is best, but for a land dwelling this condo comes close.  I can be outside on the deck or on the screened porch in a few steps.

Carol has a few years before retiring and so is mostly still near Chicago.  She flies here frequently for long weekends and holidays.

These photos were taken in and around Hilton Head Island, many of them from and in the condo itself.

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