I sailed to Bali on CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE in 1981; in 1987 on RESURGAM; and in 2008 in THE HAWKE OF TUONELA.  Each time I arrived after the 1100 mile passage from Darwin, Australia.  In CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE I sailed north to Singapore; in RESURGAM and THE HAWKE OF TUONELA I went west to South Africa.

        Some of the best photographs I took in Bali came during my first visit, but for reasons of cost, unfortunately they were printed in black and white in THE OCEAN WAITS, and as you can see Bali is about color.  The original slides sank with RESURGAM.

        All of the photographs below were taken in 2008.

        You can read more about my experiences in Bali in “The Battle of Bali” in THE OCEAN WAITS, a free download on the Books page, and in the Journal entries for July 2008.

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