2003   Sydney, Australia

                                  Taken by Carol outside the Opera House


                                         2008   Evanston, Illinois

                                                    67th birthday

                        2009   Evanston, Illinois   self-portrait of the artist fading



                                            2010  Evanston, Illinois 

                                              “Cast a cold eye

                                                On life, on death.

                                                Horseman, pass by!”


                         The words are from William Butler Yeats.  I quoted

                         them near the end of STORM PASSAGE and finally lived

                         the image.



                                 2011  Evanston, Illinois    a chance sighting.




                              November 11, 2011   Evanston, Illinois

                            My 70th birthday.  I am not winking.  My right eye was    

                            two months post retina surgery.  The green wrist band a    

                            medical alert of a nitrogen bubble in that eye.



                     2012   Opua, New Zealand   another chance sighting

2012   Bay of Islands, New Zealand

taken by Carol

2013  self-portrait in darkness

GANNET’s Great Cabin

2014  Aboard GANNET off San Diego.  Taken by my friend, Steve Earley.

2016  Aboard GANNET.  Indian Ocean.  39th day at sea.

November 11, 2016  75th birthday

in the background is a drawing of me made by the French magazine VOILES ET VOILIERS half a life time earlier

2017  The joy of sailing.  Between St. Lucia and Marathon, Florida.

Between Panama and San Diego 2019

April 28, 2019  The last full day of my sixth circumnavigation.  Age 77.

    When Carol saw me in this shirt she exclaimed with what I consider     

    unseemly surprise, “You look like a muscle man.”

               October 2020, a month before my 79th birthday

     The age of miracles is not over.  I have lived to be 80.

November 11, 1221


If you don’t see captions, try zooming in or out.





1992   Newport, Rhode Island


     1959   Kirkwood, Missouri

      The only photo I have of me under age 30.  From a high school yearbook.

1979    Papeete, Tahiti 

            Taken by Charles Mason of SAIL magazine.