Passage Logs



    The fifth circle.pdf  This is the downloadable  log for the entire

              circumnavigation.  It includes the story, ‘Sailing to Africa.‘  

              Logs for Individual passages are below.

      Photographs of the fifth circumnavigation


        Opua, New Zealand to Cairns, Australia    April-May 2008

        Cairns, Australia to Darwin, Australia   May 2008

        Darwin, Australia to Bali, Indonesia    June 2008

        Bali, Indonesia to Cocos, Australia   July-August 2008

        Cocos, Australia to Durban, South Africa  August-September 2008

        Durban, South Africa to Port Elizabeth, South Africa  January 2009

        Port Elizabeth, South Africa to Antigua   February-March 2009

        Antigua to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands   March 2009

        St. Thomas to Panama  April 2009

        The Panama Canal  May 2009

        Panama to Nuku Hiva  May-June 2009

        Nuku Hiva to Raiatea  June 2009

        Raiatea to Bora-Bora   September 2009

        Bora-Bora to Opua, New Zealand   Sept.-Oct. 2009



        San Diego, California to Hilo, Hawaii   May-June 2014

        Hilo, Hawaii to Honolulu, Hawaii   June 2014

        Honolulu, Hawaii to Apia, Samoa   July 2014        

        Apia, Samoa to Neiafu, Tonga   August 2014          

        Neiafu, Tonga to Opua, New Zealand   September 2014

        Opua, New Zealand to Bundaberg, Australia   April-May 2016

        Bundaberg, Australia to Darwin, Australia   May-June  2016

        Darwin, Australia to Durban, South Africa   July-August 2016

Durban, South Africa to St. Helena   February-March 2017

St. Helena to St. Lucia   March-April   2017

St. Lucia to Marathon, Florida   May 2017